"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Friday, February 1, 2019

Blog List- Spring 2019

Student Name                        Blog Name                                                Blog URL 

Marina Baxley             Chilling Adventures of Marina: Grave Discoveries     chillingadventuresofmarina.blogspot.com
Sky Benjamin               Beneath the Grave Stone                                                beneaththegravestone.blogspot.com
Aubree Boyle               Graveyard Watch                                                              asb4031.blogspot.com
Hailey Brinson             Six Feet Above                                                                  haileybrinson.blogspot.com
Olivia Byrne                 The Loved and The Lost                                                  oliviabeyondgrave.blogspot.com
Grace Catlin                 Beyond the Grace                                                             beyondthegrace11.blogspot.com
Tana’ya Dawson           Death by Tander                                                                deathbytander.blogspot.com     
Harper Haley                Stone Cold                                                                     harperhaleybeyondthegrave.blogspot.com
Parrish Hunt                 Hunt’s Haunts: Charleston’s Cemeteries                    chscemeteries.blogspot.com
Dylan Laufman             Set in Stone                                                                       dylanscharleston.blogspot.com
Payton LeRoy                Beyond the Grave                                                            paytonleroy.blogspot.com
Michael Poulos              Beyond the Grave                                                          beyondthegravempmp.blogspot.com
Nikki Requidan              Past The Grave                                                                 pastthegrave.blogspot.com
Natasha Scott Morton    Beyond The Grave                                                        charlestonbeyondthegravensm.blogspot.com    
Hannah Sills                    Beyond the Grave                                                beyondthegravecofc.blogspot.com 
Max Spiro                        Crazy Cemeteries of Charleston                               crazycemeteries.blogspot.com
Caroline Stewart             Beyond the Grave                                                         wwwbeyondthegrave13.blogspot.com
Haley Vaccaro                 Confessions of Charleston Cemeteries                      confessionsofchcemeteries.blogspot.com
Claire Vaughan               Ghost in the Graveyard                                                claireinthegraveyard.blogspot.com
Danielle Williams            Written in Stone                                                            writteninstoned.blogspot.com 
Garrett Wilson                 Charleston Cemeteries- The Best Blog in the World        gwilsoncemeteries.blogspot.com
Madisen Workman          Beyond  the Grave                                                         btgworkmanml.blogspot.com


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