"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Sunday, May 7, 2017

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Goodbye Ghosts!

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It's Not Goodbye, It's "See You Later"!

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Epic Epitaphs


That's A Wrap:

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Ghosts Tours at Night

Last week for the final class we got the chance to visit the old Charleston City Jail for a ghost tour that still gives me the creeps "being in this room just gives me the creeps from the stuff that happened here" according to our tour guide Sean Pike of Bull Dog Tours. Before I get into what occurred in that horrific room there's a brief history of the Jail that was told by our guide that horrified all of us.
  First off, the jail was operational from 1802-1930 and housed thousands of slaves, sailors, highway robbers, and POWs from the Civil War. After being vacant for many years the jail was used by the American College of  Building Arts for trades to create low development housing. Since then the jail is strictly a historic building that includes access to tourists ready to learn about the horrors that went on behind the jails walls.

Famous names include  Lavinia Fisher and her husband John who were public executed for there highway robberies. "The history books don't tell you the whole story of why Lavinia haunts this place and it has to do with what happened while she was being held." From the raping's of her long stay at the jail is why Sean Pike does not like being on the third floor of the jail because he feels like she constantly is watching making sure he tells the horrors that went on in the jail.
From women to children being held in small cells with full grown men, to torture devices that were designed to not kill but break down humans, to the hauntings and stories of scratching, biting, and voices that are constantly hear, the Old Charleston City Jail is not one I will be passing alone at night

Walking With The Dead In The Old Jail

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Semester in Review

As this semester comes to a close I put a video together of some of our most exciting experiences as a class. Looking back we went on many class trips and tours of cool graveyards that is not your typical College setting. I want to thank Professor Harwood for taking the time to find new ways to make this class enjoyable for everyone. Thanks to the rest of the class for being respectful and sharing my newfound love of Charleston history and graveyards.

It's Movie Time!!

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The End is Here

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Old City Jail Tour

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Jail or Hell?

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Just a Jail?

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Prisoner, on Prisoner, on Prisoner...

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The Most Haunted Building in South Carolina

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Lexi DeJesus Goes "Beyond" in Her Final Class Video!

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The Haunting's of Charleston

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Old Charleston City Jail Blog Post

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