"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Monday, February 26, 2018

Bethel graveyard visit!

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Bethel's B&B

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The Historic Beauty at Bethel United Methodist

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Beyond Bethel: New and the Old

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Believe it or Not Bethel

Check out our class trip to Bethel United Methodist Church on my blog! You can see the exciting in different symbols on each gravestone!

Beyond the Grave at Bethel UMC

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Our class trip to Old Bethel Methodist Church!

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Bring it on Bethel

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Midterm Exam Study Guide

"Beyond the Grave: What Old Cemeteries Tell and Teach the Living"

Midterm Exam Study Guide

Test is Monday, March 5, 6 p.m.  

Note: This guide is posted on the class blog (charlestonbeyondthegrave.blogspot.com) in the top right corner “gadget” spot. This online version will have links to the material you need to study for the test.
There will be several elements to this test: terms/definitions, multiple choice, short answer and matching. There will not be anything on the exam that is not included in this study guide. Your score on this test (number and letter grade) combined with a critique of your blog will determine your midterm grade. CofC uses the plus/minus grade scale: A, A-, B+, B, B-, etc. for midterm and final grades. There may be one or two extra credit questions.

Test material will come from the following sources:
  • Two course textbooks: “In the Arms of Angels” and “Stories Told in Stone” (specific page numbers to review will be given below)
  •  Five Prezi presentations posted on the class website and linked below
  • Various other links indicated below
  • Homework handouts (4)- review all questions

Textbook Material to Study and Review:
“In the Arms of Angels: Magnolia Cemetery- Charleston’s Treasure of History, Mystery and Artistry” 
  • Pages 5-6, “Rural and Victorian Cemetery Movements”- Origins, influences, era (span in years)
  • Pages 10-15, “Other U.S. Victorian Cemeteries” – Review common traits and design elements of these cemeteries
  • Chapter 7, “A Modern Monument Maker’s Perspective” (pages 180-182)- review the things Richard Crites says are different today about how people handle the deaths and burials of family.
  • Review pages 41-42 on the Parker’s rare grave monument style and the unusual accident that lead to the death of James Henry Parker

“Stories Told in Stone: Cemetery Iconology- A Manual for Genealogy Research”
  • Pages 9-12,  “The History of Cemeteries & Gravestones” – study terminology for this type of research; European and Victorian influences on churchyard customs and the new, larger cemeteries
  • Pages 56-57, “Types of Cemeteries”- nine are listed with distinguishing characteristics/purposes
  • Pages 90-91, “Visual Guide to Cemetery Monument Types”- there will be a match the marker/monument name with the correct image shown on the other side of the page

Prezi Presentations and Other Links
  • Course Overview Prezi-
    • Examine the map and know approximately how many gravesites are or have been on Charleston’s Peninsula
    • Know the difference between “graveyards” and “cemeteries”
  • Funeral and Cemetery Evolution Prezi
    • Carefully review “The History of Funerals" link (three common threads for death and disposition of the dead; “Funeral Rites Through Time” timeline
    • Review the Wikipedia entry on the Victorian Era- who was Queen Victoria, when was this era (begin year/end year)? 
    • The Catacombs beneath Paris- what is that all about?  
    • Be able to describe a few of the unique rituals described in the article, “Slaves Brought Burial Customs from Africa to the United States”
    • Be able to match the country with the custom after reviewing “Fascinating Funeral Traditions Around the Globe” article
    • Know the different types of cemeteries- see pages 56-57 in “Stories Told in Stone"
    • Review factors that have changed U.S. funeral and burial views and customs
  • Researching Grave Sites (St. Patrick Church) Prezi
    • Review and be able to list various ways to research gravesites in person (observations, note taking, talking to people connected with the graveyard/cemetery); library resources; and online resources
  •  Cemetery Expert Ruth Miller’s Class Visit (Harwood blog post)
  • Bethel United Methodist Church Sue Bennett Tour (Harwood blog post)
    • Review this post and the unique distinctions mentioned about this church and its graveyard
  • Types of Grave Markers Prezi and Name These Grave Markers Prezi
    • These will be matching: photos of the different markers on one side, the names on the other side, so be able to correctly identify 10 or more (see also pages 90-91 in “Stories Told in Stone”)
  • Also review this “Quick Field Guide to Monument Types”

Test Breakdown:
  •  Blog Quality                                                                            10 points
    • 6 Posts: About Me (expand on gadget version), St. Luke and St. Patrick Graveyards (10 marker types), Library Resources (with Jared Seay), Ruth Miller Talk, Bethel UMC (10 symbol types/Sue Bennett Tour), Elizabeth Jackson CofC Headstone Mystery
    • Proofread everything and fix errors; have good headlines and leads, short paragraphs, two/more embedded links and label words
    • Blog Basics: “About Me” gadget with photo of yourself and short write up about you and your blog, three columns, these gadgets: page views, follow by email, search this blog, blog stats
  •  Multiple Choice (15 questions)                                       30 points
  • Short Answer (5 questions)                                                      10 points
  • Matching (3 parts)

o   Marker/Monument Types (15)                                     30 points
o   Funeral/Cemetery Traditions around World (5)           10 points
o   Charleston Religious Heritage (5)                                10 points
100 points 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

Small Church Graveyard Big in Charleston History

Such a gentleman letting his back be used for a classmate's notetaking!

Bethel United Methodist Church, just a stone's throw from CofC's Addlestone Library at the corner of Calhoun and Pitt streets, has been a regular stop in my "Beyond the Grave" course.

But during our Feb. 19 visit was taken to the next level thanks to the expert tour given by church administrator Sue Bennett.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Peering into the Past with Ruth Miller


Learn a Little With Mrs. Ruth Miller!

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Remarkable Ruth Miller's Charleston History!

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Local Charleston Historian Takes on the Classroom

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A Glimpse into the Graveyards and Cemeteries of Charleston, SC

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History Lesson from a Guest Speaker

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The Stimulation Ruth Miller

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The Wonderful Words of Ruth Miller

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

First, Finest and Oldest- More Charleston Historic Nuggets

The unabashed purveyor of "All Things Charleston" was back Monday in my "Beyond the Grave" classroom and I was amazed to learn so many new things in this, her fourth talk to my class.
Ruth Miller has authored several books about Charleston graveyards

Longtime Charleston historian, author and tour guide Ruth Miller seems a fount of unlimited "Holy City" knowledge.

For decades she has studied Charleston's past and has given tours in the downtown Historic District. She says her interest in the many old church graveyards came after giving a tour to a visiting group of morticians who asked to spend time looking around some of old downtown graveyards, pointing things out to Miller that she did not know.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cemetery Symbols- What Do They All Mean?

Old cemeteries and graveyards, especially those from the 19th-century Victorian era, are rich in symbolism. From crosses and angels to plants and animals, each has a special meaning. Though some symbols are up to interpretation, there seems to be a general consensus on most messages. The term "iconology" refers to the study, description, analysis, and interpretation of icons.

There are many resources online and in books to help interpret grave site symbols, including this in-depth one that lists symbols alphabetically.  My "In the Arms of Angels" book's chapter 5 "Cemetery Symbology" samples symbols found at Magnolia Cemetery.  And our "Stories Told in Stone" text includes a "Glossary of Common Gravestone Symbols & Interpretations" chapter (pages 71-82).

Symbols listed in Sharon Carmack's "Your Guide to Cemetery Research" 
This Prezi goes into the types of symbols to be seen at older graveyards and cemeteries.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Addlestone Library's Boundless Resources

Addlestone Library opened in 2005
The College of Charleston's beautiful and spacious Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library has more than one million books, 300 computers, seating for 1,400 studious students, and a very popular Starbuck's shop.

But thanks to today's technology, its reach and resources extend far beyond this brick and mortar structure.

Veteran CofC librarian Jared Seay
Jared Seay, who has been an Addlestone Librarian since 1989, gave my "Beyond the Grave" students an impressive overview of this 21st-century facility's vast resources.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Adventuring and Analyzing

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The Beauty of Grave Markers

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Really, Rei?

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The Great Graveyards of the Past

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The Beauty Of Grave Markers

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Graveyard Visit

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