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Friday, October 7, 2016

Magnolia Cemetery Oct. 15 Tour Blog Post Guidelines

Per the guidelines below, blog about this visit. Due date is Monday, October 31. Post to the class site too. Write a blog post with the following details and photographs:
  • Open with a paragraph or two about your overall impressions of this old, historic cemetery. Include two or more links to related/relevant material in the open or throughout your post (magnoliacemetery.net is the cemetery’s website)
  • Write a separate paragraph with accompanying photograph(s) discussing the layout of the cemetery- your impressions about its landscape design, ponds, walkability, etc.
  • Write and post photographs of your three favorite monuments or memorials that you see and photograph during your walk. Include details about who is buried or memorialized there, when he/she lived, comments about the design, features, type of marker, etc. It is OK to reference and link my book or other sources with information about particular gravesites.
  • At the end, include a photograph of yourself (by yourself or with a classmate) with a Magnolia Cemetery backdrop. Have a final couple comments about your experience visiting this grand Victorian necropolis (fyi “necropolis” is defined as a cemetery, 
The cemetery has a wide array of marker types
Some Magnolia Cemetery facts:
  • Opened 1850 
  • 150 acres 
  • 35,000 people buried there                                      
  • Non-denominational/non-secterian   
  • 2,200 Confederate veterans and war dead               
  • Six Confederate generals                                         
  • 14 ordinance of secession signers
  • 3 CSA sub Hunley crews most visited site

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