"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Monday, April 15, 2019

Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia cemetery was by far my favorite one to go visit. Not only did it have the most amazing grave markers and stones but it also had beautiful nature surrounding the entire place. The palm trees and the pond that was in the middle was so pretty to see walking in. It had a different feel to it than all of the other cemeteries we have visited. Instead of being all huddled together and side by side, the graves were very spread out and had their own space.
This one my favorite site
out of the entire cemetary
because of how unique
it appears. This
belongs to the Lipinski.
This is by for the most extravant
one in the cemetery.  

Another interesting thing was how it had paths for both cars and people. So if you do not feel like walking around to see 35,000 different graves, you can easily get in your car and vie through. The layout was amazing and felt very open and relaxing. The pond was my favorite landscape part because of he white bridge you could cross to go on the other side.

This grave marker was for Mary
Caroline and James White
Getty. She died February 18th, 1936 and
her husband died August 27th 1902.
I liked how it had a walkway where it
is separated from other memorials.
The 150 acres of land that Magnolia cemetery has seven confederate generals, fourteen ordiance of secession signers and 2,200 confederate veterans. 

On this grave, there are three people.
L. Frank (1870-1927), Catherine E. Mcintosh (1867-1942) and
Stanley Miles Sigwald (1901-1920). This was a very simple
grave site, I liked it because all family member were
on one marker. 
Here is my class infront of another beautiful gravesite. This belonged to the Gibbes
family. It was very neat because it had a garden onto of the in the back. 

This is the military section
of the cemetery.

Being this grave, you can see
part of the pond that connects
to the front of the site.

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