"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Research Approaches to Uncovering Long Ago Lives

I hope this information will be helpful to my students who are researching an "Old Charlestonian" for a class assignment.

Monday, March 13, 2017

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The Short Life of Thomas H. Mahoney II

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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A Step Back In Time

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College of Charleston Alumni

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Hot-stuff Hottenstein

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Alfred Ashton Adkins The Legend and Athlete


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History on the High Seas

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The Joys of Discovering a "New" Charleston Church and Graveyard!

St. Mary of the Annunciation Catholic Church on Huger Street in downtown Charleston is hardly new, but to me attending Mass there yesterday, then walking through the small but impressive graveyard, was a new and exciting "find" and experience.

St. Mary's address is 89 Hasell St,. near King Street
The history page on the church's website boasts that St. Mary's is the "mother church of Catholicism in the Carolinas and Georgia."

Its establishment dates to 1789 when it was called the Roman Catholic Church of Charleston.

Mass still takes place inside the elegant Greek Revival structure, but only once a weekend, Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

Thomas Kendrick, Solid As a Rock

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The Life of Domingo Valentin Gonzalez


A Woman & Her Horse In The Wild, Wild West

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A Local Legend

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Blast To The Past

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Midterm Exam Study Guide

MIDTERM EXAM STUDY GUIDE- Test is Monday, March 20

Note: This guide is posted on the class blog (charlestonbeyondthegrave.blogspot.com) in the top right corner “gadget” spot. This online version will have links to the material you need to study for the test.

There will be several elements to this test: terms/definitions, multiple choice, short answer and matching. A critique of your blogs will be worth 20 points on the 100 point test.

Lee Family Legacy

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