"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Valerie Schoeck-Final Project Video

For our final project we made a video about our experience during this class. I chose to use Christmas music so that we could all get into the holiday spirit while watching! Everyone else used Kizoa to make their videos, but I used iMovie instead because I often make movies or video montages using it. My favorite thing we did this semester was going to the Old Charleston City Jail. I really enjoyed taking this class this semester because it opened my eyes to the beauty of graveyards and cemeteries. 

The Last Blog

Here its the last one. SAD FACE
Thanks Kizoa!!

Bon Voyage!

Kyle's Last Presentation is here!!!
I've really enjoyed this class and found it very interesting.

this semester has flown by

I can't believe this semester is already over! But here is my final video collage of my favorite sites and group pictures. you can watch it here.

Is it really over?

Well guys this is it! Bye everyone!

The End

Check out my last post :( Gonna miss everyone.

Wow this was a sureal experience

Come check out my final blog post! Click Here

Final Video Project

Signing Out

Check out Cameron's spooky reflection of the semester! Click here!

It's So Hard to Say Goodbyeeee, to Yesterdayyyyyyy

one last time. http://dldfye.blogspot.com/

Check out my video!


Megan's Final Post!

Check out Megan's Kizoa video here!

The Last Hoorah

Click here to see my video on our past semester together !!

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Epic Epitaphs By Valerie Schoeck

Epic Epitaphs

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Little Annie the Darling of Magnolia Cemetery

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Y'all know the drill...

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Check out Hunter's Top Ten Prezi

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Prezi- Students Visit Magnolia Cemetery!

We all didn't make it at the same time, but all 20 students in my "Beyond the Grave" class eventually did visit Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston's grand necropolis.

Check out the Prezi I put together showing the students out and about, having some fun in a place where fun is not usually to be had!

"Cemetery selfies"! Lots of fun- even at a place of sorrow and mourning.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Prezi: The Ten Favorite Birds In My New Book!

My students will soon be producing a Prezi Top Ten list- topics of their own choosing, so I'll be expecting a lot of variety when this assignment is due in a few weeks. I like Prezis because of their movement, flashiness and easy of assembly.

To demonstrate what I'm looking for and to show students who haven't yet created a Prezi presentation, I put this one together of 10 favorite bird photographs from my new book, "Nature-ly Fun! Bird Photography From A to Z."

More on this book and my two previous ones can be found on my blog/website BirdsEyeViews and my Amazon author's page. 

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Kyle Awesomely Amazing New Post!!

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Magnolia Cemetery Oct. 15 Tour Blog Post Guidelines

Per the guidelines below, blog about this visit. Due date is Monday, October 31. Post to the class site too. Write a blog post with the following details and photographs:
  • Open with a paragraph or two about your overall impressions of this old, historic cemetery. Include two or more links to related/relevant material in the open or throughout your post (magnoliacemetery.net is the cemetery’s website)
  • Write a separate paragraph with accompanying photograph(s) discussing the layout of the cemetery- your impressions about its landscape design, ponds, walkability, etc.
  • Write and post photographs of your three favorite monuments or memorials that you see and photograph during your walk. Include details about who is buried or memorialized there, when he/she lived, comments about the design, features, type of marker, etc. It is OK to reference and link my book or other sources with information about particular gravesites.
  • At the end, include a photograph of yourself (by yourself or with a classmate) with a Magnolia Cemetery backdrop. Have a final couple comments about your experience visiting this grand Victorian necropolis (fyi “necropolis” is defined as a cemetery, 
The cemetery has a wide array of marker types
Some Magnolia Cemetery facts:
  • Opened 1850 
  • 150 acres 
  • 35,000 people buried there                                      
  • Non-denominational/non-secterian   
  • 2,200 Confederate veterans and war dead               
  • Six Confederate generals                                         
  • 14 ordinance of secession signers
  • 3 CSA sub Hunley crews most visited site

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Hunter's Ancestor Post

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Elisa England Church Tour Post

Hi Everyone, this is my post about the cemeteries we toured in class, click here !

Shelby Lanza

Check out my blog post on A Night In The Graveyards.

Hunter Church Cemetery Blog Post

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Kyle Collier's Sept. 19 Charleston Graveyards Visit

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Kyle C.

Beth Alexander's post about her trips to two of Charleston's graveyards!

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September 19th exploration of cemeteries in Downtown Charleston- Downtown Underground

Montana Crosby St. Patrick and Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Beyond the Grave" Students Visit Two Old Charleston Graveyards

The threatening clouds and thunder to the west added a sense of urgency to our Sept. 19 visit to two old church graveyards just blocks from campus.

In our College of Charleston classroom, we've been studying the different types of cemeteries, grave markers and iconography, so this was the first chance to see all of this firsthand, as a group.

We traveled first to the Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul, located at 126 Coming Street. This beautiful and impressive Anglican (now Episcopal) church dates to 1816.

According to findagrave.com, there are nearly 600 interments in the small graveyard along the side and back of the large white church. Findagrave lists two "famous" burials here, men with the familiar Charleston last names of Drayton and Lowndes.
Who's missing? Nineteen of my 20 students are seen here at
the St. Luke's/St. Paul's graveyard

I really like this graveyard as a first visit destination for my students. It's close to campus, the graveyard is small and compact, and what's there is a rich array of the different types of markers, monuments and memorials that make these old burial grounds so interesting to study and visit.

The students were assigned to take photographs of at least five different types of grave markers, such as headstones, ledgers, pedestals, obelisks, mausoleums, and others.

Mysterious mausoleum at the Cathedral Church 

There is an interesting story surrounding the large mausoleum set behind the Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul.

Last fall I researched it a bit and found out a few things of note. Scroll down on this post to find what I found.  

No family name adorns this mausoleum, which is unusual in itself. More research is in order. Students???

After about 30 minutes at the Cathedral Church, with threatening storm clouds in the distance, we quickly walked a couple blocks to St. Patrick's Catholic Church at 134 St. Philip St.

This is a much smaller graveyard than the one at Cathedral Church, but is also rich in history, especially social history. Reading the church's history link on its website finds that the church was first built in 1838 in Charleston's Neck Area and that its parishioners were both white and black. The church had separate sections for each race.

The church was rebuilt at its present location in 1886 and had its first service just a short time after the Great Charleston Earthquake of 1886.

 According to findagrave.com, St. Patrick's graveyard has 240 interments. The majority of the markers are headstones, but there are some other types and some excellent examples of grave marker iconography.

Tomb of Rev. D.J. Quigley
This impressive tomb near the entrance to St. Patrick's is the gravesite of Monsignor D.J. Quigley who oversaw the building of the church on St. Philip Street in 1886.

This would be considered a tomb or a die on cap type of grave sculpture.

Rev. Quigley was the pastor at St. Patrick's for 19 years. He died in 1903. "His grateful people have erected this monument" is inscribed on the side.

Interesting image on Rev. Quigley's tomb

An elaborate engraving decorates the front of the tomb. In the dark it was difficult to make out what it is, perhaps a bird image.

I will try to go back to St. Patrick's for a better look!

Thank you students for a good Monday night outing!

And I'm so glad we all didn't get soaked!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Grave Symbols Guide

Here is a link to a grave site symbols guide that I like and that I used for research while writing my Magnolia Cemetery "In the Arms of Angels" book.

"Graveaddiction" is the is the ominous-sounding source for this list.
If you have trouble linking, here is the full URL: http://www.graveaddiction.com/symbol.html

Family Ancestor Research Project- Due Oct. 3

Citadel Graduate John Weeks

Family Ancestor Article/Blog Post
“Beyond the Grave” Course/Fall 2016
Proposal/Outline Due: Monday, Sept. 26
Post Due: Monday, Oct. 3 (you will present post)

Personal Ancestor Research and Writing Project
The assignment is to research and write about an ancestor of yours- a great grandparent or older. You can do a husband and wife together or one or the other. It is up to you. Talk to your parents and grandparents to see who might be a good candidate for this piece. If your ancestor had a particularly interesting life and life experiences, he or she could be a good choice. Maybe there is something noteworthy about where and how your ancestor was buried, maybe something about the grave marker that would tie in with some of the themes of this class. Try to identify the type of grave marker your ancestor has, such as headstone, grass (flush or lawn) marker, ledger, die on socket, etc.

Next Monday you will turn in a typed paper with your idea and subject for this project. Name the ancestor(s), state when he/she/they lived and where, cause of death and at what age, where he/she/they are buried, what kind of cemetery it is (refer to our course material for the types of cemeteries there are), and give two or three interesting things about your subject’s life.

Also, list how you will go about researching this person- who you will talk to and what resources you will examine to find out details about your ancestor’s life. Think about and include what visuals you think you will have with your article/post: photos of your subject, maybe a photo of where he/she lived and worked, and an image of his/her grave site. If your person was buried in your hometown, perhaps you can have your parents take a photo for you. Use ancestry.com (available free at the Charleston County Library on Calhoun Street) and findagrave.com website to find your ancestor. If there are any famous or notable people buried in your ancestor’s cemetery/graveyard, be sure to include that in your story.

If you need to change your topic after submitting the outline paper, please let me know.

In the classes ahead we will look at various sources you can use to find out things about your ancestor. Your writing should be in the style of the stories in my book “In the Arms of Angels” about people buried in Magnolia Cemetery. Review all or at least several of the pieces in Chapters 1-4 to get a sense of storytelling, anecdotes, and use of and attribution for various resources from which information was found. Linking your online sources is suggested.

Your posted article should be at least 300-400 words, have at least two or three photographs/images, and have at least two links to related material, websites, online articles/resources, the cemetery where your ancestor is interred, etc. Include quotes from your parents and grandparents if possible.

Each of you on the due date will present and discuss your ancestor research and blog post.. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Preparing for a Graveyard/Cemetery Visit: Cemetery Types and Symbols Prezi

This Prezi gives some things to think about as we prepare to visit two nearby church graveyards.

Be ready to take photographs and notes when we visit the graveyards at St. Patrick Catholic Church on St. Philip Street and Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul on Coming Street.

We will also review the resources available through findagrave.com, which can be helpful in learning more about grave sites and those who call them home...for eternity.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Useful Blogger/Blogspot Links

Here a couple tutorial links to help with your blogs. The first one shows how to center your blog's name (or header).

Should you find that the photos you post have a border around them that you don't like, here is what you do to remove the border.

Should you want to create your own header, Mr. Harwood will show you the steps to do so using PowerPoint, jpegs and some cropping.

Common U.S. Grave Markers Prezi

This Prezi shows and describes the grave markers and monuments that can be seen in the graveyards and cemeteries around Charleston and the rest of the nation.

The Evolution of Funerals and Cemeteries

When and why did mankind decide to be kind to the dead???

Course Introduction Prezi

This Prezi will give students an overview of what the "Beyond the Grave" course is about.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Welcome Students!

I am excited to have all of you in my special First Year Experience course. This will be the third semester for "Beyond the Grave: What Old Cemeteries Tell and Teach the Living."
Simonds Sarcophagus at Charleston's Magnolia Cemetery

This course is varied in its content, studies and activities, so get ready! You will also be blogging throughout the semester so I hope you will embrace and enjoy that part of the class. And that you will keep blogging after this semester too! It's a neat way to share your views, experiences, photographs and videos.

I've been blogging since 2010 with what I call a "hobby" blog, BirdsEyeViews. I also use the site to promote and market the books I have written, two of which have been about Charleston's grand Victorian Magnolia Cemetery.

Monday, May 9, 2016

"Beyond the Grave" Course "Eulogy"

Wow, where did the school year go?

Teaching my first-time First Year Experience class at the College of Charleston has been educational and eventful for me as well as the students, I hope.

The course I designed is called "Beyond the Grave: What Old Cemeteries Tell and Teach the Living." I drew upon my experiences writing two books about Charleston's venerable Victorian necropolis Magnolia Cemetery to craft a multi-disciplinary curriculum.

The "Holy City" of Charleston with its many churches and adjacent graveyards (many within walking distance of campus) was an ideal place to study death and all it involves from numerous perspectives: history, religion, sociology, psychology, anthropology, art, art history, medicine and more.

(Above: My Spring 2016 students at Magnolia Cemeteries iconic Gibbes Mausoleum. Left: My Fall 2015 class at the Parker exedra monument, also at Magnolia Cemetery).

I am excited to again be going "Beyond the Grave" with CofC freshmen next school year.

The final question I put on my final exams is to ask the students what they learned in this class that asks"what old cemeteries tell and teach the living." Here are some of their responses (names withheld).

Student explore St. Patrick's church graveyard
"The idea of death and what we do with our dead is common knowledge, but this class made me investigate further...This class made me appreciate the centuries-old traditions and understand why they are still in use today."

"Graves and cemeteries teach the living so many things but overall it's the history of life that can be expressed through the art of graves."

"Life and death are very complex, convoluted and confusing topics to cover, but the sheer gist of it is the realization that we seemingly only have one chance at being remembered whether it be on a headstone or a heart."

Fun can be had even at cemeteries! 
"The research I was doing on 'the dead' taught me information about my family's origins and influence on the Newberry (S.C.) community. This class taught me that in Charleston it is possible to look at a grave and be able to find a plethora of historical information. Learning about the past also showed me living conditions and medical practices, which was imperative to understanding why death was treated the way it was throughout history. I also got to experience Magnolia Cemetery which was beautiful."

"I learned to blog all my explorations!"

"Gravesites show people in the present how people in the past grieved their lost loved ones. We can learn who the people were by the epitaph left behind for their legacy...Also that ghosts are probably real!"

Tour of Charleston's Old City Jail 
"We don't treat death today as we did in the past. During the Victorian Era, death was almost trendy. Families put work and energy into designing and maintaining their family members' graves. We do not see this today. Today, grave sites are not physically eye catching and family members don't maintain the deceased's grave sites. We could learn to respect the dead and become more comfortable with death and dying from the old grave sites and practices."

"Maybe the students who have taken this course can walk away with this lesson:  Death doesn't have to be avoided. Instead, cherish the remembrance of your loved one by carrying on the 'old' tradition. Visit your loved ones after they pass and use it as a sacred time to bring the living together."

More on my course "Beyond the Grave: What Old Cemeteries Tell and Teach the Living" can be found on the class blog

Monday, April 25, 2016

RIP To This Class

Click here to check out my end-of-the-semester video!

Emily Austin's Final Video Project

Here is Emily Austin's final exam video/slideshow project. Check out some more of her work in the "Beyond the Grave" First Year Experience course here. 

Kizoa video

Click here to see my final video

Beyond the Grave and Beyond

You can view my end of the year wrap-up video here!

Final Video

Watch my course overview HERE

Summing Up The Semester

It's been a great semester. Click here to see how I've summed it up.

Last, But Not Least

Hey everyone! Here is my Kizoa video that I have put together to conclude my time with this FYE-course. I hope you all enjoy watching it as I have enjoyed taking this class.

Final Video

Check out my final video on my blog to see what I learned this semester.

Final Grave Video

Hey everyone! Check out my end of the year video to show what my most memorable moments were in this Beyond the Grave class by clicking here.


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Final Grave Experience


Semester Wrap Up

I could not have asked for a better First Year Experience. Here is a video composed of my favorite adventures this semester!! Enjoy.

Final Project: Kiersten Camby

Check out my final project here! Have a great summer!

Not-So-Final Words

While technically an epitaph would be someone's final words, this video will constitute as mine for the semester

Final Video Post Magnolia Cemetery

Check out my last video post with Kizoa for Magnolia Cemetery here! Video entails some of my favorite grave sites at Magnolia Cemetery.

Wrapping It All Up...

Click here to view my final post of the semester! Please enjoy this slideshow of the best pictures I've taken for this class throughout the semester!

-Harper Richards

End of Year Video

Check out my Kizoa movie here.

Kizoa Movie Maker Final Posy

click here to see my final movie maker project!

Allie's End of Semester Video Project

I really enjoyed visiting different Charleston gravesites and participating in activities during the Beyond the Grave class. Check out my video highlighting some of my favorite memories here.

The Chronicles of Charlestonia

Heyo check out my Kizoa video of this semester's explorations!

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Old Charlestonian

Learn about Caroline Gilman HERE

A Look at a Charlestonian: Annabel Lee

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By Savannah Hirst

Thomas Bennett Jr legendary Charlestonian

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Birds of a Feather : Kiersten Camby

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A Deceased Friend of Mine.

Click here to read about Rev. Nathan Bassett Jr., one of the first dead pastors in Charleston.

Old Charlestonian

Read about my Old Charlestonian Civil War veteran here.

In His Honor - Old Charlestonian

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Old Charlestonian

Making a fuss about Muckenfuss. read more here

A Walk Through Time

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Old Charlestonian

Click here to learn about Hugh Swinton Legare.

What Do an Old Paint Shop and the Illuminati Have in Common? The Story of William M. Bird

Click here to read about William M. Bird, the subject of my Old Charlestonian project.

-Harper Richards

Paige's Old Charlestonian

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A Reposing Soul

Check out my post on Capt. Joseph Hunt, and Old Charlestonian! You can view it here.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Epic Epitaphs!

Check out my prezi of epic epitaphs here!

An Old Charlestonian that Hannah Discovered

Hey everyone! Do you want to learn all about the life of a chosen and faithful pastor by the name of William H. Fleming? Click here to view the blog post. Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Charlestonian Legacy

Check out my report on the Talvande couple here for a look into one of Charleston's famous ghost haunts

Monday, April 11, 2016

Savannah Visit- Windows Movie Maker Class Demo

Alesia and I just had a wonderful weekend in Charleston's sister city Savannah. I took a bunch of photos there and decided to use this trip for a demonstration I gave in class Monday night on producing slideshows and videos using Windows Movie Maker.

This is just a start...
I do like what I think is a new Movie Maker feature- what on iMovie is called the Ken Burns Effect. This is the movement within each shot you see. Here's an example of this production technique from Burns' highly regarded Civil War documentary.

I think it must be pretty cool for Ken Burns to know this panning and zooming technique is names for him. Most iMovie users probably have no idea who is his, however....

By the way, last November I produced an iMovie video tutorial. Check it out if you need some help with iMovie. 

Epically Turning This Blog Post In

Savannah's Epic Pics of Epitaphs!!!!

Epic Epitaphs in Charleston

Check out my Prezi on epitaphs here.

Paige's Prezi

Click here to see my post on Epic Epitaphs here in Charleston, SC!

Tell-Tale Epitaphs

Click here to view some of my favorite epitaphs from the many deep dark cemeteries and graveyards of Charleston.

A Journey through the Epic Epitaphs of Charleston

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Epic Epitaphs

Click here to see my version of epic epitaphs.

Epic Epitaphs: Remembering those Lost

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Epic Epitaph's Here in Charleston

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Epitaphs: Voices after death

You should check out my Prezi presentation on epic epitaphs here.

Epic Epitaphs that Hannah D. Found

Hey everyone! Want to look at some epic epitaphs that I found in Downtown Charleston? Click here to view my second Prezi that I created for this blog. Hope you all enjoy the Prezi!

Katie Epitaphs

The hunt for some good words HERE

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Midnight Hunt For The Most Epic Epitaphs

Hey everyone, if you want to discover what I found on my hunt for the most epic epitaphs, click here!

Amanda Bundrick

Harper's Epic Epitaphs

Click here to view my Epic Epitaphs Prezi.
-Harper Richards

Charleston's Epic Epitaphs

Click here to watch my presentation on interesting epitaphs I found at various church graveyards in Charleston.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Beyond Death and Dying with Dr. George Dickinson

I was pleased on March 28 to have Dr. George Dickinson return to my "Beyond the Grave" class to share his expertise on "death, dying and bereavement," the unique topic for which he is an internationally recognized research expert and author.

In thanks for his second visit this school year, I presented Dr. Dickinson with a signed copy of my 2014 book, "In the Arms of Angels: Magnolia Cemetery- Charleston's Treasure of History, Mystery and Artistry." Thanks to Hannah Dunnaway for taking this photograph.

Last semester when he visited this class, I posted a detailed recap of what I thought were some of the professor's key points.

Here's the link to that post.

Thank you so much, George, for another great presentation. I hope you'll come back next school year!

Monday, March 28, 2016

My Favorite Music Experiences.

Here's my top ten list of concerts I've been to. This was hard to compile. I did my best.

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Monday, March 21, 2016