"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Magnolia Cemetery Map

Magnolia Cemetery is more than 150 acres. Some 35,000 people have been buried there since it opened in 1850. Burials continue to this day. Many are in the newer section called Green Hill, which was the site of one of Charleston's first golf courses. Two golf hole greens were on the site of today's Green Hill section at Magnolia Cemetery, hence the Green Hill name.

Below is a 1907 map "made at the request of" the Charleston Country Club. You can see how it bordered Magnolia Cemetery. The cemetery has a Belvidere section, which seems to be a connection with the old Belvidere plantation and Belvidere Golf Links that the Charleston Country Club built in 1901.

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