"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Monday, December 10, 2018

Jail Tour --Bailey Adams-- A spooky night

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Scary Last Class

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Among The Prisoners

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Jail From Hell!

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A Jolly Night in Jail

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A Night in Jail

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The Charleston Horror

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Odd Occurrences at the Old City Jail

Strange happenings and unusual phenomenon all captured on image in my new blog post!

A Spooky Tour

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Spooky Jail Time!

Hey y'all! Just uploaded my Jail tour blogpost. Check it out here!

Jail Tour

My blog for the jail tour!!

Charleston Old City Jail Tour

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Kizoa "Kreation": Old City Jail Tour

I have been using the fun and free Kizoa slideshow platform for several years. This is the first time I put together a project using Kizoa's phone app.  I liked it once I figured it out. I would have liked to lengthen some shots- that's one part I didn't figure out. Maybe it's not possible. 

This is a short video, just 45 seconds, from our recent tour of Charleston's eerie Old City Jail that dates way back to 1802. 

We had a great tour on Dec. 3 with Glenn McKenzie from Bulldog Tours

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ghost Tours, Jails, Female Serial Killers, OH MY!

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Kevin's Old Charlestonian

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My Old Charlestonian

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A Reverend Remembered

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Bailey Adams --Old Charlestonian

John Bailey Adgers, the reverend of foreign affairs

James Adger Smyth: College of Charleston Graduate and Mayor

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Old Charlestonian

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Edward Henry Strobel - The Most Interesting Fella in the World

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Old Charlestonian

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Old Charlestonian

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Charleston Star!

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My Old Charlestonian

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Old Charlestonian

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Old people? In MY Charleston? The truth may be more surprising than you think

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Hey class! My new Old Charlestonian blog is complete! Click here to view it.

Old Charlestonian

Augustine Thomas Smyth Was born on August 22 1918 and died may 12 1991.  The Epitaph on his grave says"For him honesty was the nutrient which gave him the rare strength to be right with God, to be right with himself, to be right with his family and to be true to his fellows." This is from the letters of saint Paul to the romans.  He is not buried in a family plot but he is buried along side his wife and her name is Nancy Conner Smyth.  There is a butterfly on his grave which symbolizes resurrection. And there is also a eagle which symbolize hope and strength.  And it is in a cemetery.  He was buried at Second Presbyterian Church. It was hard to find a lot about him but he is in the Harvard law book. His named is highlighted.  

This is his grave. It is a head stone with 2 symbols on it.  One is an eagle which stands for strength and the other one is a butterfly which stands for resurrection.  This is a the second Presbyterian church.  

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Extra Credit Opportunity: Kizoa End of Semester Slideshow

This is optional but if you would like to earn extra credit points I encourage to do this project. Create a semester in review slideshow using the free Kizoa platform.  Embed on your blog so it looks like this. If you choose to do a Kizoa slideshow you must let me know that you have posted it by Dec. 12. Final grades are due Dec. 14.

"Old Charlestonian" Assignment Details

Friday, November 23, 2018

Historical Research Tips: Old Charlestonian Project

Sunday's Enlightening (and Exercising) Excursion!

My students and I crisscrossed the peninsula on Sunday, Nov. 19 to visit two of Charleston's oldest church graveyards located at Second Presbyterian Church on Meeting Street and Unitarian Church on Archdale.

The class has 22 students- here are the "Nifty Nine" who took part in the outing
As a bonus, we got to see the inside of the Unitarian Church as it was open for tours.  Read more about the successful outing here on my BirdsEyeViews blog.

Here are approaches I have shared with the students about conducting research on "Old Charlestonians" interred at graveyards like the ones we visited on this day. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Decrepit Charlestonian

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Kevin's Epic Epitaphs

Hey bloggers! If you are interested in Victorian graveyard epitaphs in Charleston, SC make sure to check out my latest blog post. Thank you!

Bailey's Epitaphs

Check mine out here:

Epitaphs Older Than Taft

Come and see my documentation regarding several epitaphs from the Unitarian and Second Presbyterian Church graveyards!

Epitaph Exploration - A Trip to Unitarian and Second Presbyterian Graveyards

Check out my awesome blog post about these awesome epitaphs in these awesome graveyards in this awesome city for our awesome class!

Elaborate Epitaphs!

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Epitaph Riffraff! check it out here .

Epitaphs for Life

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Funeral and Religious Practices Around the World and in the United States

We will review more funeral customs from around the world, past and present.  This YouTube video looks at several, which helps illustrate how very different such practices can be.

Viking Ship Burning Funeral 

               Tibetan sky burial 
        (Images found on the Internet)

In America, different religions have specific customs and practices regarding funerals and disposition of the dead through burials, cremations, etc. This article from a Wichita, Kansas newspaper compares and contrasts the most widely practiced U.S. religions.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Victorian Splendor/Victorian Tragedy

Please click here if you are unable to view this Prezi presentation.

This presentation looks at the high death rate, especially among infants and children, in the 18th and 19th centuries, which is well represented in the old cemeteries and graveyards in Charleston.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Irish Bloodline

This post is about my 6th great-grandfather, James Linn, who had a life full of history.

Great Grandparents


Ancestor Post

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Tanner Steffy

Ancestor project

A Fallen Hero

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Loree Wells: A Wonder Woman

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The Great-Grandfather That I Just Missed

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Bailey Adams Ancestor Presentation

Hi this is my ancestor project! I decided to uncover all about my great-grandma Christine Brewer. The link is here

Poppy in the Penitentiary: a look into an unfair imprisonment

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The STEPS To A Hero

My Great Grandfather grew up in the same place as me, but lead a completely different life. Click Here to read about him!

Great Ancestry

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Family History and Treason

Click Here to check out the life of John C. Sutton as well as an interesting story about my treacherous 7th-great-uncle!

The Ancient Dudley

I am attaching a link to learn all about Thomas Elihue Dudley.. enjoy!!!

My Amazing Ancestor

Check out this cool post about John Siegling and his effect on Charleston!

Astonishing Anastacio

Click right HERE to read about Anastacio Gale!

Antonio Millo: A Simple Man with a Big Heart

Hey bloggers! My name is Kevin and I would like to invite you all to come check out my newest blog post where I talked about my great-grandfather, Antonio Millo.

Antonio on his 92nd Birthday- the year he died. 
My great-grandfather died when I was eleven years old and I barely knew him.

 I remember going to visit him in NJ when I was little and I remember just how much of a sweet old man he was.

Antonio was a very simple man, who worked as a doorman in Manhattan for most of his life.

 He was very healthy and always watched what he ate, which is why he lived to be 92.

In order to find details about him, I used ancestry.com and I also talked to my mother Michelle and grandmother Nicoletta to find details about his life.

I was surprised to find out that he was born in Naples, Italy and came to America through Ellis Island when he was 8 years old.
Ellis Island Naturalization Papers 

 I also found out that before he truly retired, he worked in his 80's as a golf-cart driver in Las Vegas airports.

Antonio died in 2011 from pneumonia from a heart condition called A-FIB. He is buried in St. Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx, and shares a headstone with his ex-wife Irene.

If you are interested in reading more about this wonderful man, make sure to check out my blog post!

Amazing Ancestor

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A Life Worth Living

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ancestor Blog Post

Hello everyone! Come see the blog post all about my adventurous ancestor William McHale!

Graveyard Visits: Sunday, November 18

On Sunday, Nov. 18 at 11 a.m. we will have a class outing. We will visit two old Charleston church graveyards:  Second Presbyterian Church, 342 Meeting St. and Unitarian Church of Charleston, 4 Archdale St.

Second Presbyterian Church Graveyard
The purpose of this field trip is threefold:
1. To identify an "Old Charlestonian" to research and write about for this assignment and presentation. Unless you have already found someone from one of our previous graveyard/cemetery visits, then you must pick someone from one of these two graveyards.

2. Take photographs and document "Epic Epitaphs" for this blog post assignment. The task is to find, photograph and detail at least six graves that have, to you, interesting, touching, unusual or meaningful epitaph inscriptions. For this post, you must have some from each graveyard visited on this date. Along with photos and transcriptions of the epitaphs, include their origins (Bible, poetry, literature, songs, etc) and the name(s) of people interred and when they lived and died.  Include the type of grave marker also. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Stealing Magnolia's Beauty

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Visiting a Cemetery at Twilight

Hi Everyone! Come see my blog post all about my visit to the scenic Magnolia Cemetery!

Tales of the Magnolia Cemetery

Hey bloggers! Check out my blog where I talk about my incredible experience touring the Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC with my Beyond the Grave class. Thank you!

Monday, November 5, 2018

At Deaths Door

Magnolia Cemetery is absolutely astounding!!! Go to my blog and check out what I have to say about my experience there.

A trip to Magnolia

Magnolia cemetery was a memorable trip, check out my blog post to hear more about my experience!

Magnolia Cemetery: a True Garden of Graves

Recently went to Magnolia Cemetery. Had a wonderful time! Check out my blog post to see more!

Wild World at Magnolia Cemetery

See my blog for my insight on the wonderful Magnolia Cemetery!https://thespookytimes.blogspot.com/

Miraculously Beautiful Magnolia

Last Monday, my classmates and I took a cab trip out to Magnolia Cemetery. We had a fabulous time checking out all of the cool headstones and monuments this place had! It was really easy to write my blog post about this cemetery since it had so much to offer. Go check out my blog!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Magnolia Cemetery Gives Students a New Perspective

Monday night we caravaned the 10-minute drive from campus to Magnolia Cemetery- a short trip but a very long step back in time.

Students were able to see up close and personal many majestic, magnificent and artistic graveyard treasures going back as far as the 1850s. And back then they were all created by skilled artisans using only hammers and chisels, I remind the students.

If you've never been to Magnolia Cemetery, one of the nation's most beautiful and historic, get a taste of it by viewing my "Best of Magnolia Cemetery" video on YouTube.  

Two days before Halloween and a few costumes in this class photo!

I look forward to reading the students' blog posts. I hope they enjoyed seeing Magnolia Cemetery as much as I enjoyed showing it to them!  

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Magnolia Cemetery Halloween (almost) Visit Set

Tomorrow our class visits Magnolia Cemetery!  What adventures await us? Hopefully nothing too ghoulish!

I felt I was being watched yesterday at Magnolia Cemetery!  I was being watched! 

Monday, October 15, 2018

My spirits were high at Bethel UMC

Bethel United Methodist Church (UMC) has been a part of Charleston since 1797 and lasted through natural disasters and human created disasters, such as the civil war. It first opened as a "wooden shack" uniting both whites and blacks. This little building is known as Old Bethel today and it was donated to the black congregation in 1876 as the whites had plans for a larger sanctuary. Today Bethel and Old Bethel work together to keep the Christian faith going. Bethel was the only Methodist Church that was open during the civil war. It has undergone several renovations through the years but Bethel UMC is the oldest Methodist Church in Charleston and is also pinned as a National Historic Landmark.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Digging Into Your Own Family's Roots

One of the favorite assignments my "Beyond the Grave" students undertake is to research one of the own ancestors. The relative must be a distant one, a great-grandparent or older- cannot be anyone living.

This, after all, is a class about cemeteries!

Kristina Broome's Great-Grandfather
I see the project as a good one that can help the young people in the class learn more about their own heritage and connections with the past. The task involves talking with parents and/or grandparents to see who might be a good subject for this project. Other research can involve digging into old family albums and other documents, going to local libraries, historical societies and cemeteries, perhaps.
Online resources such as ancestry.com and findagrave can also be tapped.

The students will present their findings to the class, which is another fine element to the assignment, I feel.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Bethel Church Visit- Rainy But Righteous!

Church administrator Sue Bennett greets the class
Thank goodness Bethel United Methodist Church has a large covered area by its massive white columns and huge front door.

We needed the protection as off and on rain fell during our Oct. 8 visit.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Midterm Exam Study Guide Link

Click here to see the PDF file of the Midterm Exam Study Guide. 

For a tutorial on how to post PDF files to Blogger, see this YouTube video. The steps involve uploading the paper/PDF to Google Drive, then shows how to embed it to Blogger using the HTML setting. But for whatever reason, the "embed" feature in Google Docs wasn't showing, so I had to use a link as you see above. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Fun Filled Graveyard Visit!

Our recent class visit to the old graveyard at Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul did not go unnoticed by some of the regular residents, it would seem!

Kizoa's Halloween special effects category was perfect for this image

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Charleston’s Rich Religious Influences

In 1663, England's King Charles II would appoint Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper as the Lord Proprietor of the vast Province of Carolina in North America.

Ashley Cooper, interestingly, would never come to or visit the Carolinas, but from afar in England, he would do a masterful job of marketing the area to those seeking a fresh start in the New World.

Among the incentives was freedom of religion. Ashley Cooper's "Promises of Religious Freedom from Fundamental Orders for Carolina" in 1669, which Charleston author and historian Ruth Miller has shared with my "Beyond the Grave" students, even gave religious freedom and freedom from religious-based harrassment to African slaves and "heathens, Jues, and other disenters from the purity of Christian religion."

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Grave Marker Types Review

We will review the various types of grave markers prior to our visit tonight to two nearby church graveyards. Click here if you are unable to play the Prezi below.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Student Blog Names and Addresses

Please type in your name, your blog name and its address as follows:

Bailey Adams               Gothic Gal                                         gothicgalsc.blogspot.com
Olivia Asmar             Beyond the Grave: Charleston, South Carolina       asmaroj.blogspot.com
Anna Buko                   Vapor Graves                                    vaporgraves.blogspot.com
Caileigh Burnett         Stone Magnolias                                 stonemagnolias.blogspot.com
Landon Choboy          Beyond the Grave with Landon        landonchoboy.blogspot.com
Molly Connelly           Molly Above The Grave                   Mollyabovethegrave.blogspot.com
Alexis Des Marais       Alexis' Cemetery Stories                  alexiscemeterystories.blogspot.com
Alexandra Dougherty    The World Underneath                 theworldunderneath123.blogspot.com
Joseph Tyler Dunn       I See Dead People: Magnolia           icdedpl.blogspot.com
Amani Dunston           The Thunder From Down Under    beyondthegravewithamani.blogspot.com
Chels Hagan               Grave Circumstances Are Upon Us  undergravecircumstances.blogspot.com
Reece Hammond           The Spooky Times                         thespookytimes.blogspot.com
Max Hildreth               Max's Beyond the Grave Tour         maxhildreth.blogspot.com
Ben Kelehear               A Walk With Death                         awalkwithdeath.blogspot.com
Declan McCormack       Declan Was Here                         declanwashere.blogspot.com
Kevin Myhre                 Kevin's Blog                                 myhrekabeyondthegrave.blogspot.com
Cameron Sheffield          Chucktown's Permanent            chucktownpermanent.blogspot.com
Drayton Siegling         Beyond the grave with Drayton     draytonsiegling.blogspot.com
Tanner Steffy              beyond the grave with tanner         beyondthegravewithtanner.blogspot.com
Jack Sutton             Ghosts N' Graves Guy                        ghostsngravesguy.blogspot.com
Mary Katherine Waters   Beyond The Grave                    mk-beyondthegrave.blogspot.com
Becker West                Beyond The Grave With Becker     beyondthegravewithbecker.blogspot.com

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Quick Field Guide to Marker Types

This shows most of the types of markers that can be found at older Charleston area graveyards and cemeteries.  Source: Chicora Foundation

This is an interesting link within the Chicora Foundation's Cemetery Research report.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Welcome to College!!!

Tonight is the first meeting of my new First Year Experience class at the College of Charleston. With 22 students enrolled, this is my largest FYE class ever!

We are fortunate to have a very nice classroom

The students come from many different states. Eleven do come from South Carolina.  Other students are from North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York and California.

Five of the freshmen are student-athletes. Their sports are baseball, softball, equestrian, sailing, and crew.

I'm looking forward to seeing the students new blogs that they are creating for this class.  And their first blog posts are due next week. So we'll see what they have to say about their lives so far in college!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Course Syllabus- Fall 2018

"Beyond the Grave" Fall 2018

“Beyond the Grave: What Old Cemeteries Tell and Teach the Living”
Term: Fall 2018
Course Number: FYSE 111-01 (13541)
Class Day/Time: Mondays, 6-8:45 p.m.
Location: Robert Scott Small Room 138
Class Web (Blog) Site: charlestonbeyondthegrave.blogspot.com
Instructor: Patrick Harwood/Department of Communication
Phone: 843.224.3112 (call/text)
Email: harwoodp@cofc.edu
Office: Robert Scott Small, Room 126
Office Hours: One hour before and after class
Peer Facilitator:  Liz Simmons   Class: Mondays 9 a.m. BellSouth 400
Phone: 978.764.2959   Email: simmonsea@g.cofc.edu

Circular Congregational Church

Situated in the historic district of the “Holy City,” the College of Charleston is surrounded by Charleston’s historic streets, buildings, and cemeteries.  This class will focus on the many 18th and 19th century graveyards within walking distance of campus and beyond. We will use multiple disciplinary perspectives to study long ago lives, researching and examining how people lived and died. Funerary customs- how people are buried, memorialized and remembered- can tell us things about the past and also put into perspective, in some ways, our lives and lifestyles today.

This class is also about you becoming a better writer and researcher. Writing techniques, structure, grammar and other basics will be emphasized and interwoven throughout the many assignments, such as blog posts, that you will be doing. You will be exposed to various research resources online, on campus and elsewhere that will be utilized for different assignments.

The course is also about multimedia online content creation and dissemination. On your blogs you will write and create an array of different types of content using words, photos and videos produced using programs some of which may be familiar, others maybe not.

(photo: Magnolia Cemetery)

  • Attend every class, be on time
  • Don't be disruptive with use of cell phones during class 
  • Complete assignments on time and strive to improve
  • Create your own blog and keep it up to date 
  • Meet deadlines, be creative 
  • Ask questions, share opinions in class
  • Participate in all class outings during and outside class time
  • Save all photos you take because you will need them 

  • Students will be able to identify and use the appropriate academic resources and student support services offered at the university. These would include the Addlestone Library, information technology, the Center for Student Learning, the Career Center, and other appropriate academic resources, student support services, and cultural resources. 
  • Students will be able to use appropriate tools and search strategies for identifying particular types of information specific to this course
  • Students will be able to use appropriate critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques in appropriate disciplinary contexts and make connections across disciplines and/or relevant experiences
I encourage you to take advantage of the Writing Lab in the Center for Student Learning (Addlestone Library, first floor).  Trained writing consultants can help with writing for all courses; they offer one-to-one consultations that address everything from brainstorming and developing ideas to crafting strong sentences and documenting sources.  For more information, please call 843.953.5635 or visit http://csl.cofc.edu/labs/writing-lab/

St. Mary's Catholic Church
  • "In the Arms of Angels: Magnolia Cemetery- Charleston's Treasure of History, Mystery and Artistry" by Patrick Harwood (2014)- this book should be purchased directly from your teacher. Cost is $50 (cash, check or credit card)
  • "Stories Told in Stone- Cemetery Iconography" by Gaylor Cooper (2009, Motes Books)- please purchase at the CofC Bookstore
  • You will need to be able to take quality photographs so have a camera or smartphone that can do so
  • Flashdrive will be helpful in bringing your photos to class when needed and for storing photos taken for class
Bethel United Methodist Church
 Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul, 126 Coming Street (Episcopal)
Second Presbyterian Church, 342 Meeting St. (across from Marion Square Embassy Suites hotel)
St. Patrick Catholic Church, 134 St. Philip St.
 Circular Congregational Church, 150 Meeting St. (United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church)

  • Graveyard and cemetery visits facts and impressions
  • Graveyard symbols and epitaphs
  • Personal ancestory research and writing
  • "Old Charlestonian" research and writing 
  • Guest speaker visits 
  • End of semester slideshow/video project


A 94-100; A- 90-93; B+ 87-89; B 83-86; B- 80-82; C+ 77-79; C 73-76; C- 70-72; D+ 65-69; D 60-64; F 59 and under

A = 4.00 B = 3.00 C = 2.00 D = 1.00 A- = 3.67 B- = 2.67 C- = 1.67 F = 0.00 B+ = 3.33 C+ = 2.33
D+ = 1.33 

First Scots Presbyterian Church
Two Exams (midterm and final):                         40 percent
Blog Assignments:                                                40 percent 
Participation, homework, other assignments:    10 percent
Peer facilitator classes and work:                        10 percent 
Note: There will be extra credit opportunities by doing extra blog posts on topics related to this course's subject material  


Note: This syllabus is subject to change so you should not rely on a printed version made early in the semester. I will bring up the syllabus almost every class and talk about changes to it and when things are due, upcoming activities, etc. Homework and other key assignments/events are underlined for emphasis. 

August 27 (Week 1)  
---Course introduction and overview...Peer facilitator and her role...syllabus review...required books...student information sheets...class and individual Blogger blogs...Prezi No. 1: Course Overview...your professor's cemetery interests, research and books...steps to setting up and posting to your blogs
---Course Introduction (Prezi)
---Funeral and Cemetery Evolution (Prezi)
---Homework for next class:
    ---Set up your individual blogs using Blogger- make sure it is three columns and in the columns have at least these four "gadgets": About Me- use the Image gadget to post your photo and under it have a few lines to introduce yourself and this new blog; Follow By Email, Search This Blog, and Blog Stats
    ---Write a first blog post about who you are and where you are from, what you plan to study in college and hope to do after college, what your first CofC semester was like, what your hobbies and other interests are, include two or more photos and also have two or more embedded links 
    ---Be ready by next class to share your blog name and address for the master list
    ---Also, complete Homework #1 handout after reading the listed sections in our books

September 3 (Week 2) 
---Review and collect Homework #1 handout
---Book purchase updates
---Blog set up questions and issues
---Compile class master list of blog names and addresses (URLs) 
---Blog writing workshop- Prezi on "Road to Better Blogging"  
---Encourage use of Grammarly for spelling and other writing checks
---Prezi presentations on types of grave markers and graveyard visit procedures and tips  
---Review "Identifying Your Ancestors" (pages 25-53) in "Stories Told in Stone" and other parts to read for homework assignment 
---Homework for next class: read designated parts of both books and complete hand out 

September 10 (Week 3)   Note: Class canceled due to Hurricane Florence threat 
---Review and collect Homework #2
---Visit tonight to the graveyards of Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul and St. Patrick's Church. At Cathedral Church, meet with church archivist Linda McCants- Also, look for and photograph epitaphs that catch your eye for future project
---Before leaving the classroom review Types of Grave Markers (Prezi) and the findagrave.com website 
---Preview class visit next week to two nearby church graveyards- visiting a cemetery or graveyard: what to look for--detail blog post assignment with this outing---
Discuss epitaphs and look for and discuss interesting ones at local grave sites

       --- Begin to also start to look for good "Old Charlestonian" subjects ---Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul, 126 Coming St.    Church Website   FindAGrave Site  Wikipedia Entry 
---St. Patrick Catholic Church, 134 St. Philip St.  Church Website  Church History   FindAGrave Site
---Blog Post Due Next Class:  At least 10 different types of grave markers can be found in the graveyards at Cathedral Church and St. Patrick. Create a blog post showing your photographs of 10 or more different types of these grave markers found during our visit. To correctly identify the markers review your textbooks and this Prezi.  The writing to accompany each photo should say where you found the marker (which church graveyard), what type it is with a brief description of each type, who is buried there, when he/she lived and died, and anything else you want to write and observe.  

September 17 (Week 4)   Note: Class canceled due to Hurricane Florence threat 
---St. Luke/Paul and St. Patrick's church graveyards blog post due today
---Visit Addlestone Library to meet with librarian Jared Seay about research resources there 
---Preview guest speaker next week, Ms. Ruth Miller, Charleston historian, author and tour guide 
---Preview blog post guidelines on her talk:
---Due next Monday: Write a 300-plus word blog post about Ruth Miller's visit to our class. Include at least three full quotes from her. Focus on a few of her major themes and your major takeaways- what surprised you, what did you learn, what do you think other people should know?  
---Address her background such as how she became interested in Charleston graveyards
---Be sure to mention the books she has written about several Charleston church graveyards- and include links to her book site as well as her main homepage.  See those links below in Sept. 24 class information.
---Take careful notes during her presentation. Write (or record) interesting, insightful and particularly articulate or colorful things she says, especially to use for your full sentence quotes. 
---Give the post an engaging headline and lead sentence; keep paragraphs short and flowing 
---Include a visual of her that you take- her speaking to the class or her with your professor at the end of her talk.  You can also have a picture taken of you with her. 
---Per every blog post, have two or more embedded links and two or more label words
---Go through steps to link your graveyard visits blog post to the class blog
---Homework for next week: complete Homework 3 handout on grave marker symbols and iconography 

September 24 (Week 5)  Tonight: Ruth Miller visit and visit to two nearby church graveyards
---Collect Homework 3 handout
---Guest speaker tonight: Ruth Miller, Charleston historian, author and tour guide
---See link to her books here 
---Homework for next class: Ruth Miller blog post- details are listed above (under Sept. 17 class) 

October 1 (Week 6)
---Ruth Miller AND 10 graveyard grave types blog posts are due at start of class

       ---Presentation on cemetery symbols and iconography
       ---Homework handout on interpreting different grave marker symbols ---Visit next week to Bethel UMC for symbols scavenger hunt- details will be given- distribute sheet to help keep track of symbols seen-- looks also for more epitaphs for future project

        ***Sunday, October 7- Hurricane makeup class
      ---We will use this class to prepare for the midterm exam set for Oct. 15
      ---Discuss tomorrow's visit to Bethel United Methodist Church visit
      ---Distribute handout detailing the graveyard symbols scavenger hunt blog post assignment

       October 8 (Week 7)   Tonight we will visit nearby Bethel UMC and receive a tour from church administrator and licensed Charleston tour guide Sue Bennett
--- Bethel UMC symbols scavenger hunt blog posts due. See handout for assignment details. 

October 15 (Week 8) Note: Midterm grades are due Wednesday, Oct. 17 by noon
---Bethel UMC blog post due 

       ---Discuss Ancestor Research Project- pass out guidelines, topics due next week
       ---Steps to begin the process: talk to your parents, grandparents, other relatives to identify a "worthy" and interesting ancestor to research- subject must be at least a great grandparent
       ---Midterm Exam tonight 

October 22 (Week 9) Note: Wednesday, Oct. 24 is late day to withdraw with a "W"
---Return Midterm Exams and Bethel UMC symbols post critiques

       ---Ancestor proposals due tonight
       ---Magnolia Cemetery visit is next Monday- preview and distribute assigment details 
       ---View Magnolia Cemetery videos here
       ---Distribute Magnolia Cemetery Generals homework handout- due next week
       ---View and discuss PBS' "Ten Parks That Changed America"- Mt. Auburn Cemetery, near Boston, which is America's first "rural" cemetery, is featured (10:54 in)
---Review ancestry.com and other research tools (Prezi)

        ---Tonight we will discuss and visit the headstone of Elizabeth Jackson located in front of the Robert Scott Small building. There will be a timed writing when we return to the classroom. 
    ---In class, write a 250+ word post in which you attempt to solve the mystery of why there is Elizabeth Jackson's headstone in front of our Robert Scott Small Building. The post must have at least one visual (preferably more) and three cited sources and embedded links. Be sure to also include mention of the saying inscribed on the marker here at CofC. Here are some sources to review as you prepare and write this post: 
                            --Charleston Post and Courier writer Robert Behre's 2011 column
                           --Patrick Harwood's "Clay the Cougar" CofC history video 
                            --Roadside America's piece on the Elizabeth Jackson statue in Lancaster, S.C. 
                           --"Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson: The Missing Matron" article (Strange History website)
                            --Elizabeth Jackson memorial at Charleston's Washington Park by City Hall

October 29 (Week 10) Magnolia Cemetery Trip Tonight- meet in front of Stern Center at 5:30 sharp!
--Elizabeth Jackson blog posts due and Magnolia Cemetery Generals homework

       --Return Ancestor topic proposals 
      --Continue to discuss Ancestor research post and presentation- due on Monday after Fall Break

November 5 (Week 11)  Fall Break- No class tonight 

       ---Magnolia Cemetery blog post due by today
       ---Work on your Ancestor research- posts and presentations are Nov. 12

 November 12 (Week 12)
        ---Ancestor presentations tonight 
       ----Return graded Elizabeth Jackson and Magnolia Cemetery project critiques
       ---Begin to discuss "Old Charlestonian" research project
       ---Also, discuss "Epic Epitaphs" assignment
       ---Discuss Sunday outing to two Charleston church graveyards

November 18 (Sunday)-- class excursion to two downtown church graveyards. See handout and class blog/website for details. Meet at 11 a.m. by the fountain at Marion Square at the corner of Calhoun and King streets.

       November 19 (Week 13) 
---Return graded ancestor blog posts
---Go through presentation on "Victorian Triumph and Tragedy" and Funeral Customs by Religions (article and handout) and Cultures (video). And also go through presentation on Charleston and the Civil War

November 26 (Week 14) 
---"Epic Epitaphs" blog post due
---Final Exam Study Guide distribution and review 

      ---Continue with Prezi project- is due next week along with the Magnolia Cemetery blogpost---Final slideshow/video project details and guidelines 
Video Project Details- Produce a video that documents the things you have done and seen during this FYE class this semester. The length should be 1:30- 2 minute video (OK if it’s longer)
o    The video must be produced using Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie or Kizoa
o    Use text to convey information such as the cemetery name and address, the gravesite we are seeing, other information
o    Video must have music with it (incompetech.com is an excellent free music source)
o    Post on your blog and the class blog (charlestonbeyondthegrave.blogspot.com)
o    This video will be due on our exam date and will be worth 10 points on the final exam
o    Also remember copyright free music is available on the Incompetech website (go to Royalty Free Music link, then View Collections)

o    Introduce Kizoa slideshow program- students can do a slideshow in Kizoa instead of producing a video in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. See my Magnolia Cemetery Kizoa as an example of what you can do with Kizoa

December 3 (Week 15)- Last class 
---Prezi "Old Charlestonian" Blog Posts Due 
---(Tentative) Old City Jail Tour Tonight 7 p.m. - Blog Post Details:  (Post is due by Thursday)
Please write a 300-plus blog post about the following
Open the post with some of your thoughts and impressions of touring the jail
Briefly go into the Old City Jail’s colorful history
Detail some of the places within the jail that you will see
Detail some of the stories and anecdotes the tour guide will shar
Be sure to make note of the tour guide’s name and correct spelling, and the name of the tour company
Have at least two full sentence quotes from the guide about some aspect of the jail you find interesting and/or insightful (routine facts should not be quoted)
End the post with some final thoughts and impressions
Include at least three photographs that you take outside and/or inside the jail
And, as always, include two or more embedded links to relevant material 

Final Exam:  Monday, December 10, 4-7 p.m.  
---10 point semester in review video/slideshow due

Final Grades are due Friday, Dec. 14 by noon