"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Monday, September 3, 2018

Student Blog Names and Addresses

Please type in your name, your blog name and its address as follows:

Bailey Adams               Gothic Gal                                         gothicgalsc.blogspot.com
Olivia Asmar             Beyond the Grave: Charleston, South Carolina       asmaroj.blogspot.com
Anna Buko                   Vapor Graves                                    vaporgraves.blogspot.com
Caileigh Burnett         Stone Magnolias                                 stonemagnolias.blogspot.com
Landon Choboy          Beyond the Grave with Landon        landonchoboy.blogspot.com
Molly Connelly           Molly Above The Grave                   Mollyabovethegrave.blogspot.com
Alexis Des Marais       Alexis' Cemetery Stories                  alexiscemeterystories.blogspot.com
Alexandra Dougherty    The World Underneath                 theworldunderneath123.blogspot.com
Joseph Tyler Dunn       I See Dead People: Magnolia           icdedpl.blogspot.com
Amani Dunston           The Thunder From Down Under    beyondthegravewithamani.blogspot.com
Chels Hagan               Grave Circumstances Are Upon Us  undergravecircumstances.blogspot.com
Reece Hammond           The Spooky Times                         thespookytimes.blogspot.com
Max Hildreth               Max's Beyond the Grave Tour         maxhildreth.blogspot.com
Ben Kelehear               A Walk With Death                         awalkwithdeath.blogspot.com
Declan McCormack       Declan Was Here                         declanwashere.blogspot.com
Kevin Myhre                 Kevin's Blog                                 myhrekabeyondthegrave.blogspot.com
Cameron Sheffield          Chucktown's Permanent            chucktownpermanent.blogspot.com
Drayton Siegling         Beyond the grave with Drayton     draytonsiegling.blogspot.com
Tanner Steffy              beyond the grave with tanner         beyondthegravewithtanner.blogspot.com
Jack Sutton             Ghosts N' Graves Guy                        ghostsngravesguy.blogspot.com
Mary Katherine Waters   Beyond The Grave                    mk-beyondthegrave.blogspot.com
Becker West                Beyond The Grave With Becker     beyondthegravewithbecker.blogspot.com


  1. Caileigh Burnett Stone Magnolias stonemagnolias.blogspot.com

  2. Alexandra Dougherty The World Underneath https://theworldunderneath123.blogspot.com

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