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Monday, March 25, 2019

Angela Capobianco- My Great-Grandmother with Mob Ties and Sauce

From left to right: My grandmother Estelle, my great great grandmother Angela, and my great aunt Marina.

For the personal ancestor project, I chose my great great grandmother Angela Capobianco. The reason I chose her is because I know for a fact she had an extremely interesting life and was dedicated to her family. I did not know much detail before, but I learned about her childhood, her love for sauce, and her ties to the Italian mob which is another main reason I selected her.

Angela was born around 1898 in Italy. When she was 14, she came to America, Ellis Island specifically, on a boat with her mother and two sisters and was sent back to Italy alone because they said her vision was not good enough. 

When she ended up coming back to America, she lived in New York for a while before moving to Baltimore, MD. Angela passed away in her 90's, when my mom was in college, simply from old age in Baltimore and was buried there. She is buried in New Cathedral Cemetery in Baltimore, and her gravestone is a yard marker.

I got the opportunity to call my great grandmother's best friend Marie Elena who lived with her for over 30 years to find out close to all of my information on her. "She was the sweetest, most caring woman I ever knew. Her ability to put her family before herself was something I admired about her the most". 

My mom told me that my great great grandmother had a second kitchen in her basement, where she would make her own sauce and dough, and that she even considered starting her own sauce company. "She would make the best sauce from scratch in her basement. She loved doing it so much that she would have jars and jars of sauce shelved up".

Marie Elena also, surprisingly, gave me the inside scoop on her ties with the Italian Mob. She told me that my Uncle Mikey and Tommy lived above a pizza shop with her in New York. "Your great grandmother told me that she would clean the money for the Italian mob up in New York." She told me details that my grandmother had given her about how men would always be coming in and out of her place with guns. I thought this part of my great-grandmothers life was super interesting and the main reason I chose her. Thank you Mom and Marie Elena especially for taking me back and letting me get to know my great-grandmother better!

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Image result for beaufort sc
Beaufort, South Carolina


Beaufort, South Carolina is where my great 
grandmother, Leila Stallworth was born.
 This is where she raised her 3 kids. She
 is my mothers' grandmother.

She was born in 1929, in Beaufort, SC. She has 2 brothers
and 1 sister. She was the youngest of her siblings. She lived
in the rural area of Beaufort on the water.

Personality: She was always filled with joy. I never saw her in a bad mood or sad. She always was laughing and having fun seeing her 4 grand kids. She made it to almost all of my baseball games even all the way up to a month before she passed.

She lived in Beaufort her entire life. She raised 3 children including my grandmother. her husband worked as a mechanic. He worked on model T cars and fixed them up and sold them. She worked as a waitress at a local restaurant.

Later life: After she was not able to take care of herself she would have to be taken care of by her children. She would spend 1 month at a time at her children's home while she was getting taken care of. She could not eat or walk without some help her last 5 months of her life

Her passing: On February 27, 2018 she passed away in Beaufort South Carolina. Her funeral was held in a small local church that she went to.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

My Great-Grandpa Grover

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Adeline Stehle "Mimi"

Growing up, I was also very close to my family. Especially my moms side. This included my Great Grandmother, Adeline Rainsford Stehle "Mimi". I chose to do my project on her because of how much she meant to be as a child. I got my middle name from hers. Adeline was born in 1919 and grew up in a small town just outside of Clinton called Edgefield. My grandmother was the only child between her and my Great Grandfather Theo Stehle. Quickly out of College she began teaching school and continued to for thirty seven years. Her passion was music which she loved to teach and gave me lesson on the piano.
Her house during a huge snow
one year. 

This is my Great Grandmother
at one of my birthday parties.
To find more information about her life, I went straight to my Grandmother and Mom. Both gave insight on her life and helped me learn more about her life. My Grandma told me "She use to love when you came over and wanted her to play with your hair." They also showed me pictures from when they were growing up and different things she liked to do. I also found her obituary on Legacy.com and her grave on Findagrave.com.
In this picture is my Mother, Grandmother,
Great Grandfather and My Great Grandmother.

Some interesting facts I found out about her through the years was that she grew up in a haunted house. The many stories she use to tell me as a kid still resonates in my brain. All kind of weird things would happen to her as a child. From the radio they had in the living room turning on in the middle of the night to hearing footstep when no one else was home. She also could play the piano "like nobody's business" as my mom would say.

Adeline and Theo on the porch
during the summer. 

She died in 2009 due to old age. She was as healthy as she could be to be ninety years old. When she turned eighty five she was placed into a nursing home where she spent the last five years of her life. Adeline had a few signs of dementia but still recognized me and other family members until her last day. Her funeral was held at Gilead Baptist Church where she was an active member. As a family, we have a plot in their cemetery. All of the grave markers are headstones.

Her headstone in Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Bethel Church!

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Bethel Methodist Church

Last Monday we took a trip to Bethel Methodist graveyard. Even though the graveyard was small, there were still many beautiful tombstones available to look a. Our “tour guide” was Camille Wish, and she told us something very interesting…
This is my favorite teacher with Camille Wish!!

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