"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Students Blog Sites- Spring 2017

Carlee Andrews            Carlee’s Grave               www.cxrkxys.blogspot.com
Morgan Bryant-Cook    Morgaritaville                www.morgaritaville.blogspot.com
Cammi Calloway          Cammi’s Comments       www.cammicalloway.blogspot.com
Christopher Clampitt     Chris’s Blog                  www.chrisclampitt.blogspot.com
Jade Clark          What the Dead Can’t Tell Us     www.untoldstoriesofthedead.blogspot.com
Alexandria DeJesus        Fly Away With Me        www.flyfromreality.blogspot.com
Kaitlin Dotson               Young Adventures         www.kaitlindotson.blogspot.com
Jorden Falker                 Holy City Hauntings      www.holycityhauntings.blogspot.com
Liam Ford     Liams Graves of Charleston            www.liamscharlestongrave.blogspot.com
Brianna Ingram             Bri’s Blog                      www.Ingrambc.blogspot.com
Bridgette Johnson        Bridgette’s Blog               www.bridgette1.blogspot.com
Elizabeth Mahoney      Liz’s Blog                        www.lizmahoney.blogspot.com
Bridget McElroy          The Urban Rodent            www.theurbanrodent.blogspot.com
Mallory Mical             Gallory Of Mallory           www.galloryofmallory.blogspot.com
Sarah Nikic                 My First Year Experience  www.nikicsafye.blogspot.com
Stephanie Owens          Stevie’s Blog                   www.stevieoblog.blogspot.com
Spencer Parrish           The Parrish Post               www.spencerparrishgrave.blogspot.com
Nina Piacentine         Nina’s Blog                        www.ninapiacentinefye.blogspot.com
Alison Rider             Ali’s blog                           www.aliridersblog.blogspot.com
Emma Rosenblum     Rose N’ Blog                     www.rosenblumec.blogspot.com
Leea Whetstone         LWLedger                        www.LWLedger.blogspot.com

Class photo taken on Feb. 13 in the graveyard at Cathedral Church of St. Luke and St. Paul

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