"If you are walking in Charleston, you are walking on someone's grave."--Sue Bennett, Charleston tour guide

Monday, October 2, 2017

Who is Elizabeth Jackson? And Why is her Headstone in Cougar Mall?

Elizabeth Jackson Headstone 
Before coming to class I wasn't even aware that there was a grave marker located in Cougar Mall. But after doing some research I found out the grave marker belongs to Elizabeth Jackson who is the mother of President Andrew Jackson and died in Charleston in the fall of 1781. She is originally from North Ireland and immigrated with her family to the American colonies.

Her and her family left due to political unrest and religious persecutions against Protestants. According to the website "Strange History" Elizabeth and her family first entered Philadelphia and made the journey to the rural Waxhaw Settlement. The Waxhaw Settlement was located between the North Carolina and South Carolina border.

She later passed away from small pox due to taking care of sick Revolutionary War soldiers while abroad a British prison ship.Years ago her granite marker moved to the College of Charleston campus.Her marker is now located right off of Cougar Mall. 

Elizabeth Jackson Statue 
Not only does she have a grave marker located in the College of Charleston campus but she also has few a monuments honoring her. The first monument was donated by members of the United States military stationed at Fort Moultrie. The second monument is located in the Old Waxhaw Cemetery and then the Daughters of the American Revolution dedicated their own monument to her that is located in downtown Charleston's Washington Park. The reasoning behind Elizabeth having so many monuments is because she was an ardent patriot during her time who gave birth President Andrew Jackson.

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