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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Addlestone Library's Boundless Resources

Addlestone Library opened in 2005
The College of Charleston's beautiful and spacious Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library has more than one million books, 300 computers, seating for 1,400 studious students, and a very popular Starbuck's shop.

But thanks to today's technology, its reach and resources extend far beyond this brick and mortar structure.

Veteran CofC librarian Jared Seay
Jared Seay, who has been an Addlestone Librarian since 1989, gave my "Beyond the Grave" students an impressive overview of this 21st-century facility's vast resources.

I assigned my students to write a blog post after our session with Seay highlighting five takeaways from our information session.

Here's my list, in no particular order of importance (because they are each important!):
The S.C. Historical Society Archives is here too

  • Dynamic Databases: In or out of the library, students, faculty and staff can access unlimited information regarding books, journals, magazines, e-books and other documents with just a few simple keystrokes. Seay's search of "graveyards" for example, produced 355,299 entries.
  • Saving and Story Data Made Easy: Seay told us how to set up our own EBSCO database folders for saving things we access that we want to save for future reference. They go on "the cloud." 
  • Citations a Cinch: The CofC library database includes a citation resource so that students and other researchers can correctly identify source material for papers, reports and other projects.
  • CofC's Own "Geek Squad"?: The first-floor reference desk also has professionals who can help students solve their computer problems- free of charge!  Not only that, but students can check out phone chargers, video cameras, even GoPros. 
  • Netflix- Library Style: Addlestone's streaming video service features Kanopy, which is considered a free alternative to popular (and not free) Netflix. Kanopy has more than 30,000 documentaries, classic and indie films with new ones added daily. Can't "Netflix and chill"? So "Kanopy and chill" then! 

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