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Monday, November 27, 2017

Embedding Kizoa Slideshows

I am asking my students to write a blog post to set up the end of year slideshow they will prepare using Kizoa (or a similar platform).

A really good Kizoa tutorial is available here. Kizoa makes it pretty easy to embed projects on to blogs.  This is a production I created from photographs taken at some of the Charleston-area beaches last summer.

The Beach 2017

In Kizoa's "My Movies" part, go to "Add to Blog" link at the bottom of the screen. When the screen appears, click in the circle by "Old code for Ebay, Joomie, etc.."  then copy the code.

Next go to your blog, and start a new post. After writing some to set up what the slideshow is and what it's about, go from "Compose" to "HTML" at the top left of the blog writing template. In HTML, paste the Kizoa code to embed the slideshow. Then switch base to "Compose" to finish writing.

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